frequently asked questions about Kamagra

1. Depends on the error probability on the preparation dose?

In fact, a direct relationship between the dose and the possibility of transitional See disturbances was found. A stronger light perception dominance of blue and green hues, vagueness are usually discovered in patients large doses of preparation – have taken – more than 100 mg.

2. What is the likelihood of such unpleasant side effects, such as the vision disorder? How long does it last?

In general, the vision disorder is found in 11% of cases. This state lasts usually several minutes to several hours. In most cases, this condition is observed in patients with light eyes.
3. Influenced by this preparation, the concentration and the ability to control vehicles?

No cases of concentration reduction when taking Kamagra were found. But because of the possibility of seeing disturbances during treatment, which arise by the vagueness, one must be careful at the beginning of therapy and after dosage magnification. Also illustrates the ability of Kamagra to lower the arterial blood pressure is also a factor which acts indirectly on the concentration and reaction speed.

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